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Image by Joseph Chan

Food Trucks

Fireworks, patriotism, and mouthwatering delights await you at our highly anticipated 4th of July Cane Bay Firework Show. Indulge your taste buds in a gastronomic journey like no other. Our handpicked selection of food trucks will offer a tantalizing range of cuisines and sweet desserts. 

Food Trucks

  • Fed Up Food Truck LLC

  • Lolas Lumpias

  • Farmers Daughter

  • Taste of Berlin

  • Willie Stricks

  • Big Boned

  • PTS Hub

  • Mastros Fire

  • City Sliders

  • Johnny Dawgs

  • Tamashii

  • Big Daddy Loco

  • Pita Stroller

  • Philip T Sweets

Sweet Trucks

  • Kona Ice

  • Holy Rolly

  • Wicked Waffle

  • Frosty Fresh Snacks

  • Lowcountry Cannoli & Coffee

  • Miss Katie's Sweets

Snack Trucks

  • Willie Strick Lemonade Stand

  • The Hidden Gem

  • Uncle Chuck's Boiled Peanuts

  • Teas & Squeeze

  • Edisto Coffee & Boba Tea

  • Mr. Poppers

  • Sweet Sticks

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